DocWallet is unique:

the transmission of your data, storage and storage server are all completely encrypted. Neither DocWallet nor other state authorities, institutions or third parties can view your encrypted data. As the owner of the account, you are the only person with access.

The security concept of DocWallet, which was developed in cooperation with Fraunhofer AISEC also allows persons entrusted with confidential information that falls under § 203 StGB [German Criminal Code] to use their documents digitally and exchange them via the Internet.

Be as productive on the move as in the office

  • Conveniently read, save and manage your documents and photos – even offline
  • All documents available everywhere and synchronized to iPhone, iPad, Mac and PC
  • In all of the most common formats, such as PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, photos and more
  • Use the free PDF-Reader and print documents easily with Airprint
  • Photograph your documents just with the iPad
  • Import your existing photos from the photo album and save them securely

Organise your folders and documents as desired

  • Create folders at any level and sort them in whatever order you choose
  • Rename, copy and delete folders/documents
  • Create references to folders/documents in other folders
  • Import and export documents with drag and drop, “Open in…” or with Airdrop
  • Display folders/documents in lists or tile view with a double click
  • Read and annotate your documents with the integrated PDF reader

Safely synchronise your folders and documents

  • Synchronise your folders/documents with a DocWallet account
  • DocWallet encrypts your folders/documents through all transmission paths with end-­to-­end encryption (symmetrical AES-­256 encryption)
  • Your folders/documents are saved in encrypted form on the DocWallet App on your iPad in a “sandbox” (AES 256 and RSA)

Manage your devices and your user account

  • Approve or suspend devices for your account
  • A suspended device is not longer synchronised
  • An attempt to sync or log in from the suspended device results in the deletion of all folders/documents on this device (provided with Internet connection)
  • Additional security for your documents in the DocWallet Apps with a password