Who is DocWallet aimed at?

In general it is for everyone who wants to ensure security for their data and documents. Thus making Docwallet a perfect fit for companies. DocWallet provides persons entrusted with confidential information, such as doctors, lawyers, politicians or insurers who fall under § 203 of the StGB (German penal code), with secure digital and mobile access to their documents on an iPad or PC.


The Process File

Briefcases full to the brim with bulky files are part of everyday life for a lawyer. Until now, the use of mobile devices has not been a viable option due to insecure internet connections and cloud services of questionable security and unspecified storage locations.

The Conference File

Conference and meeting files in paper form are a problem that never goes away. Not only are they inconvenient and heavy, they are also often out of date by the time they get to the conference. The most important papers go missing right at the moment that you need them. Bringing along a laptop as an on-the­‐move archive just adds to the weight and is often seen as a disturbance at many conferences.

The Project Archive

Project leaders are always on the move and need to have all their facts close at hand for every meeting. Their team comes from many different organisations and doesn’t have a common infrastructure. Mail quotas often aren’t sufficient for bigger presentations, so project documents are often stored without encryption on external cloud services. The risks are known, but there is a lack of alternative options.

In these cases and more, DocWallet is the mobile document archive on your iPad. Documents can be imported to your PC with DocWallet, and filed according to your requirements. A complex end-­to­‐end encryption ensures the confidentiality of your critical information – on the internet, on the DocWallet server and on your iPad.